Here's What They Are Saying About Jazz Monthly.com

mindi abair

Thanks for an incredible first year of Jazz Monthly!  I love the in-depth interviews and all the exciting "happenings" you cover.  You're an inspired writer and interviewer.  Thanks for a great representation of the jazz world.  You're the best!  Here's to many more years!


greg adams

Hi Jazz Monthly.com!
As people say, "time really flies when you're having a good time".  
With all the interviews, articles and good vibes you have provided
over the past year, I know you've had a good time. Your warmth, sense of humor and 
passion for what you’re doing has rubbed off on all who have come in 
contact with you.
Congratulations Smitty and Jazz Monthly on your 1st Anniversary!


gerald albright

"Congratulations to Jazz Monthly for its first year of undying support
for jazz musicians around the world. Your efforts have greatly assisted
in the awareness of jazz and the musicians that perform it. I wish you
many more years of success and thanks for all you do."



JazzMonthly.com :

I can't thank you enough for the opportunity you give all of us. You allow us to tell our stories one note, one sentence, one phrase at a time. All the best and Happy Anniversary



geroge benson


“Jazz Monthly is keeping the flame alive for jazz lovers across the spectrum. Here’s to you!”


cindy bradley


Congrats on a successful first year of bringing what's happening in
jazz to so many in such an enjoyable and thoughtful way.  Your
generosity and passion for what you do is recognized and appreciated. 
Thanks for doing what you do and Happy Anniversary!" 


dee brown


Congratulations on your 1st year with Jazz Monthly. When I first visited your site I said, "Man, this is the cutting edge of technology, the entire history of Jazz Monthly is just one click away".  This is it, this is where everything is going, paperless with every issue in one place!!!! Man you have got a fantastic product. Happy Birthday and many many more to come!!!!


mel brown

 Thanks so much for all you do in Smooth Jazz. With class, style, respect, integrity, and most of all - LOVE, you provide a vital link between the fans and players!  Keep it movin' like you do, and we'll keep reading!

Very Best Wishes,


steve cole

"Jazz Monthly is where I go when I want to check out what's new in Jazz. Congratulations on a great first year."


nick colionne

Hey JazzMonthly.com,
Here's to you and the Jazz Monthly Crew on your first of many 
anniversaries. I wish you all the best and thank you for having me as part of the first interviews.. I really enjoy Jazz Monthly, I read it every month and that is no joke.. I love reading what other guys and  ladies in the biz have to say and you ask some really interesting  questions.. So I find Jazz Monthly to be the place to find out things  I didn't know about different artist.. Plus, you are a funny dude.. I want to tell you, just keep on doing what you are doing and keep spreading the word and the music.. Until next time we meet.. KEEP IT  COOL and HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!


deborah henson-conant

Congratulations - you made it this far!  It’s your anniversary!  And what a GREAT online magazine this is!  Thanks for a warm and lovely chat – a wonderful interview and WOW!, what a great resource Jazz Monthly is!  A chance for us all to get to know each other and the music that moves us!  Thanks for having such a great inquiring mind!


joyce cooling

As far as musicians, music lovers, and those who cherish the artistic side of life are concerned, this is a day to celebrate.  Jazz Monthly has given us a voice and has shined a bright light on jazz for the past year.  For me, jazz is that warm, creative, spontaneous, soulful place that provides a respite from the mainstream.  I personally couldn't be without it.  Thank you, Jazz Monthly, for keeping that place alive.  Happy anniversary!

Your fan,

candy dulfer

Hey JazzMonthly.com,

Congratulations on the first year of Jazz Monthly!!
You're a great friend, and I love what you do for our music!
Please keep up the good work, lots of love to you and all your readers.


kelly lee evans

"Jazz artists and the music community on a whole are so blessed to have
Smitty in the world.  His positive enthusiasm for music, people and life is
so inspiring and one of the results of that energy is the magic that is Jazz
Monthly.  Thank you, Smitty!  Can you tell how much we love you?"

Lots of love,

kim fields


Keep doin' your thang! Keep blessing us with the hottest jazz spot online. Happy anniversary and may there be so many more! peace,


russ freeman

" Congratulations to JazzMonthly.com on your first anniversary!
 Thanks for doing a world-class job of getting the music out there."


jeff golub

Congratulation on your one year anniversary! I know that it's just the first of many to come.
You've done such a great job of making this THE site to go to for contemporary jazz. Your site should be bookmarked on everyone's computer who wants to keep up with what's new and happening.


funkee boy JazzMonthly.com
Thank you for your outstanding dedication to the Art of Smooth Jazz. Your interviews, coverage, and committment to the artist and the music elevates you to the tops in this field and your passion puts you in a class by yourself.

Stay true and keep doing what you are doing.
Love Ya Bro'.. Blessings...
euge groove

Dear Smitty,

Happy first anniversary to you and jazzmonthly.com. Thanks so much 
for your heart-felt insight to all that is jazz. Your passion and 
personality are just as present in your pages as they are from you in 
person. It's always a pleasure to speak with you, but even more of a 
pleasure when we get to hang. God Bless and "cheers" for next 100 
years of Jazz Monthly.



matthew hager

In my opinion, the Contemporary Jazz genre is fortunate to have Smitty and Jazz Monthly magazine. In an always changing musical climate, his enthusiasm and knowledge is refreshing and very, very necessary. It is one thing to promote music that you love, it's another to fully understand it and be able to engage musicians on their level while still making it an interesting read for the reader. Thanks for a great year and I wish us all many more to come!


alan hewitt

Congratulations Jazz Monthly on your One Year Anniversary !
Jazz Monthly is the best way for the jazz fan to get to the real artist.
Smitty makes you a friend right away, and believe me, he knows his Jazz!
Keep up the great work , and thanks for your wonderful spirit.


bob james

Congratulations on your Anniversary. I'm very happy to be a part of your efforts to spread jazz through this new arena, and look forward to continuing the tradition. Great interviews each and every time! Here's to lots more jazz in 2007!

al jarreau

“Happy anniversary to one of the baddest jazz publications on the web! Thanks for all the support this year guys!”  


gail jhonson

Congratulations on the 1st Anniversary of Jazz Monthly.com!  You are truly a "people person" and have a flair for bringing out the best in all those you encounter, both personally & professionally.  Jazz Monthly will surely have success in the years to come; because the interviews are fun & entertaining.  The layout, the pix, and colors are very inviting to readers that love jazz and are interested in the lives of jazz musicians. Thank you so much for including me in the Jazz Monthly Family. 

Best to you always,


" I am so blessed and tremendously grateful to have crossed paths with Smitty and the Jazz Monthly gang! Thank you sincerely for your warmth, support and most importantly positive spirit. It is an honor to have been featured and to be amongst a community of fellow musicians and those who extend a warm welcome in support of our craft. Blessings to you all!"


michael lington

Congrats on the 1 year anniversary of Jazz Monthly. I always enjoy speaking with you as I find your interviews very unique and inspiring.


bobby lyle

Thank you Jazz Monthly and thank you Baldwin “Smitty” Smith for always being informative, insightful, and up to date on this wonderful music called Jazz! Happy one year anniversary---and may there be many more!


carla marciano Dear Smitty,
A big hug and many wishes for the 1st Anniversary of Jazz Monthly! Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for your extraordinary sensibility, your immense love for the music, your exceptional enthusiasm, your deep competence in jazz music, your magic power in communication with the musicians and your friendship. You are Great! and Jazz Monthly is my favorite jazz website!

marcus miller

To Jazz Monthly.com,

Congratulations on your one year anniversary!  In these changing times, what you're doing is so important to keeping this music alive and vibrant!

Thank you!!

sophie milman Dear JazzMonthly.com,
As everyone knows, jazz music is not an entirely mainstream art form. Media interest is minimal and opportunities for real exposure are few and far between. So, I feel that we are all especially lucky to have Jazz Monthly to celebrate and support our music. I've found your in depth interviews with some of the greatest musicians on the scene today not only fascinating, but inspiring. Jazz Monthly is a true treasure trove for hardcore fans and more recent jazz converts.
So, huge congrats on your one year anniversary, good luck in future years to come, and thanks again for spreading the word and spreading the love...

bettie grace miner

Congratulations Smitty and Happy Anniversary Jazz Monthly! As a visual artist, rather than a musical one, I find Baldwin “Smitty” Smith’s point of view on the jazz world to be colorful, passionate, creative and so inspirational. The easy way he communicates with such caring about his subject reminds me of legends from a time gone by … A gentleman with a wealth of knowledge, and an abundant gift, which he shares with all. He makes class and style look easy!

steve oliver

" For the past year JAZZMONTHLY.COM is where I have been going for info/answers/and the news on what's hip..... Congrats Smitty, the site's the bomb"

marilyn scott

"With just a few clicks, Jazz Monthly lets you in on all the happenings in
Jazz music. A cool full spectrum of artists music and their lives.
Congratulations Jazz Monthly, on a great year. Thanks for bringing Jazz
music closer."

oli silk

“Happy birthday Jazz Monthly! Thanks for all your praise and support in 2006. May JM go from strength to strength. Houston we definitely do not have a problem.”


louise perryman

Dear JazzMonthly.com,
What would I do with without Jazz Monthly? You keep my finger on the pulse. Australia is always the last to receive new music so I have to rely on you!
I am so thrilled that you include my music on your wonderful site.
Music truly does make the world go round ... and, certainly, it brings people together!
May you go from strength to strength...

Warmest regards,

Dayla Arabella Santurri

"Congratulations to you on your first anniversary! Jazz has a true friend in you. Thank you for keeping the passion alive for Jazz and Jazz lovers everywhere."

General Manager
Scullers Jazz Club-Boston

dwayne smitty smith From Smitty Smith to Smitty Smith, Awesome! first year my brother, Looking forward to many more. Your passion is a Blessing to us all. Continue in Love.

Thanks, Smitty......

chris stranding

Congratulations on your first year with Jazz Monthly. Much success to you in the future, thanks for supporting the music and here's to many more anniversaries...


carol welsman

Dear JazzMonthly.com,

I want to congratulate you for such a great year and your first Anniversary
of Jazzmonthly.com! I have turned many fans on to this innovative and
informative site. Your interviews are fabulous, and your devotion to the
world of jazz is so very much appreciated by me and by many fans. I hope you
have many more years of success, and with your passion for music and
artists, it's a win win situation for all.

Warmest regards,

dave wilkes

Best wishes on the first anniversary of JAZZMONTHLY.COM We at Koch are very thankful for your support of all our wonderful jazz artists and I personally want to thank you for your friendship, willingness to share ideas and information and in general for your unselfish support of great artists in a genre of music that will attract fans once they can focus on "what's out there". Your site certainly helps spread the music!

Best wishes,

william woods
Congratulations on the first anniversary of Jazz Monthly! The future of jazz as a vibrant, unhomogenized and undiluted art form is made much more secure by your work. Besides being a consummate gentleman, you are an untiring champion of great music from artists of every stature. I am very grateful for your support! May your audience bloom with each coming year!