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Marcos Amorim - Sete Capelas (Seven Chapels)

marcos amorimRio-based guitarist Marcos Amorim follows up his critically-acclaimed Cris on the Farm with his second from Adventure Music, Sete Capelas (Seven Chapels).  Musically complex, the 10 originals on this CD are a melodic paradise fusing jazz, samba, maracatu, bolero, bossa, and tudo joia (everything great)!  Indeed, few things say chill like Marcos Amorim’s Sete Capelas.  

Accompanying Amorim on this brilliant project are the very talented Robertinho Silva (drums & percussion), Ney Conceicao (bass) plus special guest artist, Nivaldo Ornelas (flutes) and their performances are spectacular!  The opening track, Coisas Demais Por Fazer (Many Things To Do), is but one example of their ability to play subtly off one another and the record is filled with many moments like this.  The use of alternating bars of 7/4 and 4/4 time along with the moringa (percussion) on Sonhos Indianos (Indian Dreams) lend an exotic touch and then inspired by the seven 18th century structures that still stand today, your spirit will move with the title track Sete Capelas (Seven Chapels).

Amorim also finds the rhythm in nature and puts it to song on the lovely swing ballad Rio Tranquilo (Quiet River).  Performed in the mineiro style, this one conjures images of primordial rainforests, while the poignant Amandy Dia de Chuva (Rainy Day) becomes Amorim’s signature solo guitar song.  Using his custom nylon string, it’s the perfect number to showcase his gorgeous improvisational phrasing.  Later he takes a melodic turn with the carefree Pedra da Sorte (Lucky Stone). 

Other incredible highlights include a lovely bossa called Luz Da Lua (Moonlight) and jazz purists will like the traditional quartet sounds of a cool Mr. Z.  Then written in a style that would appeal to the great Jaco Pastorius, Bolero por Jaco (Jaco’s Bolero) is exactly as the title implies.  Amorim concludes his beautiful celebration on a high note with Homenagiando Garoto (Garoto’s Homage), a stunning samba honoring the Latin Maestro, Garoto

The alluring music of Marcos Amorim will surely touch your Brazilian soul and be prepared because it’ll also get your Latin juices flowing.  So sit back, sip on a cool Caipirinha and give Sete Capelas (Seven Chapels) a spin.  It’s time to chill…Rio-style!


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-D.J. Fazio