Steve Briody - Keep On Talkin'

steve briodyHave you heard?  Contemporary jazz guitarist Steve Briody’s new CD, Keep On Talkin’, is a prolific display of composition, as well as improvisation.  From start to finish, every song on his most recent project from 215 Records is an original.  Not only is Steve Briody’s, Keep On Talkin’, speakin’ for itself, it’s speakin’ volumes!

You’ll enjoy the performances of Briody (acoustic & electric guitars), Bill Heller (keys & programming), Mario Cruz (tenor & soprano sax), Tom Huber (background vocals) and Jack Knight (bass) as they comp each other beautifully while allowing enough space to really play.  Don’t miss the opening track Skip It and the melodious performance of Briody (electric guitar) with special guest Eric Marienthal (alto sax).  This song has such an engaging vibe you’ll be coming back for more.  Then, taking things in stride, Briody follows up with the easy groovin’, Footsteps.  The muted trumpet stylings of Greg Adams (a founding member of Tower of Power) will knock your socks off!  The tempo whips up on the prodigious Whiz Kid and the funkmaster himself, Jeff Lorber (keys) comes out to play.  You’ll love Briody’s uptempo acoustic guitar performance on this one!

 Holdin’ quite the conversation, the electric guitar and sax are riffin’ off one another on the title track, Keep On Talkin’ and later, the dialogue heads Around the Bend with an exciting fusion of Latin and contemporary jazz styles.  Briody’s acoustic guitar work on Not Far From Home is stunning, then On A Sunday Afternoon breezy vocals and wistful soprano sax stylings make any day seem like Sunday.  Yeah, this is the way weekends were meant to be.

 The final song, SameWeek, Next Time may be a play-on-words, but Briody’s skills are the real deal.  Laying down some incredible lines, his improvisational skills will leave you speechless.  Steve Briody is talkin’ the talk and sayin’ it on 10 exciting originals, and they’re also 10 very compelling reasons to add Keep On Talkin’ to your playlist!




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-D.J. Fazio