Marcus Coleman - Marcus Coleman Box Office

marcus colemanJazz purists and contemporary fans will want to catch Marcus Coleman’s Box Office performanceThere are no predictable parts on his new CD.  Performed the way you want to hear music, this one’s packed with indie sensibilities and brimming with Box Office originals! 

A rhythmic backdrop sets the stage for Coleman’s upbeat opener Das Hot and he sizzles as the one-man band!  Well-versed on keys, percussion, drums & bass, let him entertain you.  Mood Reflections one of his contemporary numbers, features the cool blend of keyboard, bass & drums (all by Coleman) with a touch of retro soul (Marquis “Hami” Dair on guitar), while the mood becomes more atmospheric on Mystical Moves.  The soprano sax (Bob Sheppard) and guitar (Joe Sheu) bring reflective synergy to this piece.  Then exciting changes in tempo coupled with an amazing crescendo makes Parkman Dr. undeniably appealing. 

Traditionalists will enjoy Coleman’s keyboard arpeggios as well as his improvisations on the moving track My Aspirations.  Then, digging deep with a playing time of over 10 minutes, take in Moments in Blue.  Coleman’s bass/drums/keyboards, as well as the soprano sax (Bob Sheppard), trombone (Ryan Porter) and tenor sax (Kamasi Washington) are performed in the style of the standards.  Get ready for a Freefall with Coleman’s Rhodes work, some teasing trumpet lines (Dennis Farious), plus an additional Rhodes solo by Brandon Coleman. 

Two tracks could easily be R&B crossover hits.   Feel Inside and I’ll Do For You highlight the vocal talents of Mika Lett (who co-wrote both songs with Coleman) and Angel Wills respectively. 

A standing ovation please!  Marcus Coleman’s new record has instant likeability and with so many styles to choose from, it will have a big audience.  Already featured on Steve Quirk’s UK-based/globally-syndicated radio program Fusion Flavours, take note because Marcus Coleman’s too good to miss.




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-D.J. Fazio