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  April 2008
"Jazz Monthly Feature Interview" Carol Duboc

carol dubocSmitty:  My next guest at has enjoyed an incredible career, she’s a highly talented singer and she’s not a bad piano player as well.  She’s got a great new album about to be released.  It is called Songs for Lovers and it’s my kind of record and I think it will be your kind as well.  Please welcome the incredible and amazing Ms. Carol Duboc.  Carol, how are you?

Carol Duboc (CG):  I’m doing great.

Smitty:  Super.  It’s been a while since we’ve talked and I still remember All of You and still listen to that record, and I was just so excited to hear that you are about to release another CD, which I think is just fantastic.

CB:  Well, thank you.  Glad to get the positive response.

Smitty:  So now you’ve been very busy and I know you’ve got a radio show now and you’ve been doing some things with Wine and Music, which I think is just fantastic.

CB:  Well, yes, in addition to starting a family and moving from one state to another, moving back to the Midwest, we did start, which is a place where we pair music with wine. My motivation for that was to kind of create a radio station that defies genres, so it’s not smooth jazz or classical; it’s everything that goes with wine, so that could be John Mayer, that could be Corinne Bailey Rae or that could also be Chopin, you know, or Boney James.  So anything that’s smooth and goes well with a wine.

Smitty:  I like it.

CB:  Thank you.

Smitty:  You know, I’m so used to pairing food with wine.

CB:  Mm-hmm.

Smitty:  But usually music with wine, I know it has happened.  I mean, there are those that are doing things like that, but I don’t think to the degree that you are in that it is such a focus.  I kinda like that.  How do you determine what wine goes with what music?

CB:  Well, I’m gonna say we really do try hard to be true.  We don’t just make it up.  We taste every wine, we listen to every single song, every piece of music, and we actually taste them together, so it’s like, okay, a nice romantic bottle of red cabernet, rich and full, and maybe a little bit musty, and it just goes with the romantic evening of like—I don’t have one of these in front of me, so I’m doing this off the top of my head—but I think we paired that with a Sting album, which may not make much sense to you, but just kind of a moody, romantic setting, so you kind of pair—or maybe something like a little bit more flowery and bright we might have put with Enya, for example.

Smitty:  Wow.

CB:  And I don’t know because it’s for an afternoon, like you’re in the afternoon, you’re outside, you want something a little bit up, a little bit, you know, not in the way, like that.

Smitty:  Yeah.

CB:  That’s how we do it.

Smitty:  Wow.  I didn’t realize that there was such a correlation of my palate and my ears, but now I’m getting an education.  (Laughs.)

CB:  Well, you know, think about it.  How come you can’t have red wine with chicken?  Well, it’s because they told you you can’t, you know?  (Both laugh.)  I drink red wine with chicken all the time.

Smitty:  Yeah.  How ‘bout that?

CB:  But you don’t want like a light, flowery, bubbly wine with a heavy hard rock song, you know, do you?

Smitty:  No.

CB:  Want a beer or martini, see?

Smitty:  Yeah, unless you’re one of those sweet and sour kind of people or something.  (Laughs.)  I like that.

CB:  Right.  Anyway, so it’s really fun and one of the main reasons, as I mentioned, was because at the radio station I’m able to pick my favorite music plus some new wonderful music that some people may have never heard about.  I’ve discovered people in Europe that just have albums out and it’s just amazing and I’m able to play them because we’re not genre-specific.

Smitty:  I like that because I know you’re absolutely right.  There’s so much music out there that the public does not hear for obvious reasons, but to have an outlet like yourself with Wine and Music, then we get to hear some of this great music and drink some great wine and celebrate something new, the wine and the music, you know?

CB:  Mm-hmm.

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