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BL:  Well, I’ll tell ya, that’s an ongoing process and I tell my piano students you never really stop.  You have to keep trying to refine it and make it better.

Smitty:  Absolutely.

BL:  Stand up and look at those 88 keys, you know, don’t touch ‘em, just look at ‘em.

Smitty:  (Laughs.)

BL: It registers in your mind, “Wow, they will always know more than I’ll ever think about knowing.”

Smitty:  Yeah.

BL:  So your lifetime of work is dedicated to getting as much as you can out for the time that you are allowed on this planet, on this earth.

Smitty:  I totally agree.

BL:  And that’s pretty much all you can do, and hopefully leave a nice body of work for the people that are coming behind you.

Smitty:  Yes, and I must congratulate you on this great project. It has some great tracks, and I see more than one track going to radio, I see more than one on the charts, so you are certainly in line with being proud of this record, and congratulations on the great new record deal with Heads Up as well.

BL: Well, thank you, Smitty, and I guess the proof is in the marketplace. I’ll see how the people respond and hopefully they’ll get wind of it and go out and purchase it and see for themselves.

Smitty:  Absolutely.

BL:  This music that comes out of me, I make it to share with people, whether it is through a CD or through a live performance, and I’m happy when they respond in both arenas.

Smitty:  Yes indeed, my friend.  Well, I’m looking forward to seeing you on the road and I’m sure the fans are looking forward to seeing you out there playing some of this great music and expressing yourself from the stage, my friend.

BL:  Well, thank you very much and hopefully we’ll see you at one of our shows soon.

Smitty:  It’s on my list for sure (Laughs.)

BL:  All right!  Excellent!

Smitty:  Very cool.  We have been talking with the fantastic Mr. Bobby Lyle.  He has a wonderful new project out.  It’s called Hands On.  You must take a listen to this record.  Catch him live because his live shows are simple electric!  Bobby thanks again, my friend, and it’s great to hear this great new record. All the very best and I will see you soon, my friend.

BL:  Thank you so much, Smitty, and I’m looking forward to it, man.


Baldwin “Smitty” Smith