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bobby lyleBL:  Yeah, yeah, he did some nice work on that as well. I was just very fortunate because I don’t record away from L.A. a lot, but I was fortunate to be able to find guys between here and Dallas that could really give me what I needed.

Smitty:  And, you know, Joe is an icon in Dallas.

BL:  Yeah, that’s what I hear, man.

Smitty:  (Laughs.) Yes, sir, and rightly so. What a sax cat.

BL:  Yeah, he’s just really great, man, and in fact, I think I heard him on a Pieces of a Dream record.

Smitty:  Really? Joe gets around.

BL:  I just had my engineer playing me different people that he knew and I said “That guy right there. I want that one.”

Smitty:  And what great work by Wayne DeLano on “Minute By Minute.”  You’ve got some Texas heat on this record.

BL:  Yeah, yeah, since my normal Texas guys are all kinda dispersed.  Kirk is in Nashville and Everette Harp’s in L.A. and I just used the Texas ones that I could still find here.

Smitty:  Yeah, it’s very convenient and these cats have a lot of class, they’re great players with some serious skills and it complements your record very well.

BL:  Well, thank you very much, man. I was proud of everybody’s energy and commitment to the project.

Smitty:  Yes, and let’s not forget Todd Parsnow, he’s great.  What a guitarist.

BL:  Yeah, he was a real surprise for me. His ability to just go from track to track and give it the right feel.  I love what he did on the closing tune (“Beth”).

Smitty:  Yeah, yep, and that’s a nice song too.

BL:  It’s a tribute to my lady, Beth.

Smitty:  Oh yeah.  (Laughs.)

BL:  And wow, he laid that out. His acoustic work was incredible.

Smitty:  Yes, and I can’t forget another fellow Texan, Mr. John Adams.

BL:  Oh yeah, bass player, right?

Smitty:  Yeah, absolutely, man.  What a great cat. Been knowing John for a long time.

BL:  Yeah. Are you originally from Dallas?

Smitty:  No, I’m originally from St. Louis, but I keep up with my Texas musicians.  (Laughs.)

BL:  Oh, okay.  Did you spend any time over there?

Smitty:  I’ve spent a lotta time in Dallas. (Laughs.) I get in there whenever I get an opportunity.

BL:  Okay, because you seem very well versed with the local talent there, so that’s why I was asking.

Smitty:  Yeah. Well, Joe McBride and I used to hang out a lot when he lived in Dallas. I also have some close friends and relatives there. Say, I want to mention how much I love the artwork on this album as well.  I see you’ve got your Sunday best on and then you kinda broke it down a little bit, and I recognize this scene with you at the piano, the acoustic piano. Where were you?

BL:  This was taken in Dallas, it was in the lobby of one of the concert halls there, I believe.

Smitty:  It looks a lot like the Bass Hall? 

BL:  It could be. You could be right.  I just can’t remember.

Smitty:  Great photography work too.

BL:  The photographer’s name was Mike Itashiki. He did a very nice job, though. I said “Thank you for making an old man look good.”  (Both laughing.)

Smitty:  Absolutely, but it’s great photography work.  Now, is the acoustic piano your first love of instruments?

BL:  Oh, absolutely.

Smitty:  I thought so. (Laughs.)

BL:  Oh yeah.

Smitty:  Well, you’ve mastered it quite well, my friend.


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