Danisa Fagan

Born Danisa Johanna Pignolo, Danisa Fagan began singing at age of 11 and discovered a passion for voice and music, a passion that continues to burn within her, nourishing her soul and defining her life. She considers the great Billie Holiday, her inspiration, as the emblematic vocal artist. Holidays inspiration left an indelible stamp on Danisas style. But far from being a copy of Holiday, Danisas vocal style is all her own. Danisa is a uniquely original singer, with a voice that is wonderfully captivating. Her singing is by turns serious and whimsical, soulful and jazzy.

She is at home singing in Spanish, English and French. Her music ranges from jazz to reggae, bossa nova to tango, boleros to French standards. Danisa is a bass player as well, and cites Esperanza Spauldings playing as one of her major influences on the instrument. She performs in various settings, from duo to group, and she is the lead singer on the CD Le Monde Gypsy (Dr. Rojo con Lunares). The music on the CD shows Danisa in excellent form, wrapping her voice delicately around the plaintive lyrics of Mi Nia Lola and singing forcefully on songs such as No Regrets and percussively on Gypsy Woman while adding a whimsical flavor as background vocalist on Besame Mucho. In addition, Danisa sings with the reggae group Hijas de Zion and has sung with a tango trio and a bossa nova band.







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