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Publisher - Ren Media Publishing, Inc.

JazzMonthly.com is an online publication of interviews, reviews, news and entertainment covering all genres of Jazz. Our “Features" provide an insight into the experiences, efforts and opportunities of Artists and their rise to recognition in the field of Jazz. Also featured, are industry professionals that have made major contributions in shaping and re-shaping the music world as we see it today.

Joe KuraszJoe Kurasz's varied career as a composer, arranger and educator includes work ranging from film soundtracks, to television (Guiding Light, The Bravest..). He has also received credit for his contribution to Disney's 4 CD Box Set “The Music Behind The Magic" featuring composer Alan Menken, and his music (Hammond B3, Piano) is featured on Jazz radio stations internationally. Joe is a member of the Conductor’s Guild of America, BMI and a voting member of the National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences, Inc.

Joe has also owned and operated an advertising and marketing company since 1982, where he produced radio commercials, and designed newspaper/magazine advertisements in the New York/New Jersey Markets (presently Ren Media Publishing, Inc.).

In 1994 Joe formed Ren Music, Inc., an independent record label and was invited to perform at the Maui Music Festival in 1995. Joe created JazzMonthly.com in 2006 (which Joe is the designer & web master). With their combined knowledge and talents, Joe and his contributors are making JazzMonthly.com one of the most informative sites on the web.